Warrant Exercise Instructions

Please read the following information very carefully

The GTII Warrants remain outstanding with a strike price of $2.75 per share. Unless otherwise extended, the Warrants are set to expire on April 8, 2023.  If you want to exercise your warrants, please complete the Warrant exercise form below and email to Liberty Stock Transfer, Inc. at GTIIWarrants@libertystocktransfer.com. Upon receipt of your completed exercise form, Liberty will contact you to assist you in completing the process. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please direct them to GTIIWarrants@libertystocktransfer.com.

NOTE: If for some reason the automated fill in form and send does not work for you, download the form to your desktop, print the form, fill it out, sign, and scan the form (or take a photo on your phone) and email it to GTIIWarrants@libertystocktransfer.com

Download The Form